Charlie O'Shields

Founder, Creative Director 

A native of Kansas City, Missouri, Charlie has over 15 years experience creative directing teams of talented people in the persistent pursuit of new stories and ideas that he then molds into killer brand stories that generate lots of money. He's built and lead award-winning creative teams in the creation of brand storytelling projects for many top consumer brands, including Hallmark Cards, Crayola, Lee Jeans, Jockey, Kodak, MetLife, Hostess Twinkies, DIY Network, Nickelodeon, Duncan Yo-Yos, Better Homes & Gardens, Kohl's, JanSport/Eastpak, and Sprint.

Being a Creative Director and Brand Storyteller seems to suit him best as he's always curious and loves to try new things. He started his college years and early career as a former playwright, screenwriter, copywriter, actor, singer, graphic designer, set designer, costumer, packaging designer, editorial cartoonist, game designer, programmer, dance instructor and violinist - not necessarily in that order. He also had a brief and strange stint as a professional clown which is in itself odd as he's terribly afraid of them.


Philippe Noguera

Senior Design & Communications Specialist 

A native of Paris, France, Philippe is a skilled designer who also happens to have a PhD in cellular biology. His background in academic science research combined with his skills in scientific illustration and graphic design make for a very unique artistic perspective. Being a scientist with years of research experience has some distinct advantages as he can very quickly understand complex concepts and translate them into compelling and easy-to-understand marketing communications. 



Storywize Ambassador 

Always on the lookout for great creative stories, Spot works tirelessly to help you find the right mix of people for your project. Unlike other agencies where the talent pool is fixed, Spot loves the freedom to choose the right brains to perfectly, uniquely and successfully and affordably solve your creative brand dilemmas.